The Rebbe’s Custom Upon Returning From the Ohel

A newly-published short video shows the Rebbe returning from the Ohel in Elul, 5745. Some viewers pointed out a unique custom of the Rebbe that can be seen in the video.  

A newly published video shows the Rebbe returning from the Frierdiker Rebbe’s Ohel on Chof Gimmel Elul, 5745.

The video, published by RebbeDrive, shows as the Rebbe exits the car upon his return, and enters 770 as a crowd gathers around.

Some viewers pointed out a unique custom of the Rebbe that can be seen in the video.

When the Rebbe would return from the Ohel and enter 770, he would glance up at the second floor of 770, where the Frierdiker Rebbe lived and accepted chassidim for yechidus.

The glance was for a short second and is easy to miss in most videos. Thanks to the angle of the new video, however, one can clearly see how the Rebbe glanced up to the second floor as he entered 770.


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  1. I don’t know if that was necessarily unique to returning from the ohel. I recall that when the Rebbe walked to the library for shabos meal (when there wasn’t a farbrengen) he also looked up

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