The Rebbe’s Choizer Judges ‘Pregame’ Chidon in Miami 

The Klurman Mesivta of Miami was buzzing with excitement on Tuesday as bochurim gathered for a pre-game Moshiach Chidon.

The Klurman Mesivta of Miami was buzzing with excitement on Tuesday as bochurim gathered for a pre-game Moshiach Chidon.

As part of the larger International Moshiach Chidon program, Klurman’s Mesivta participates alongside numerous Lubavitch Mesivtas this year. Given the significant number of bochurim participating in the event, many Mesivtas have had to host a ‘pre chidon’, a pregame competition. The purpose of this competition is to identify the representative who will ascend the grand stage in Crown Heights at the International Moshiach Chidon.

The Klurman Mesivta mini Chidon was overseen by Rabbi Chaim Stern and judged by a distinguished panel: Rabbi Yehuda Leib Shapiro, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Lubavitch Yeshiva Gedolah of Miami and Choizer of the Rebbe, Rabbi Eily Smith, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Mesivta, and Rabbi Rappaport, the Maggid Shiur of Shiur Gimmel.

These dedicated buchorim had spent weeks studying and preparing, undergoing a series of tests and taking a challenging final before being deemed qualified to compete in the highly competitive chidon event.

The eight contestants in the Chidon, Aaron Zejlinworder, Nissi Karp, Chaim Mochkin, Zevy Brusowanken Yoel Lipszyc, Chesky Goldberg, Leib Goldberger and Mendel Prager, were rewarded for their great achievements with a trip.

The top three contenders were acknowledged for their hard work and dedication. Aaron Zejlinworder came in third place, earning a set of Rebbe’s Muge Maamorim. Nissi Karp secured second place, attaining a set of Rambam Laam. The first place was awarded to Zevy Brusowanken, winning a set of complete Likutei Sichos. Brusowanken not only received the prized book set, but also the opportunity to represent Klurman Mesivta in the international Chidon in New York, where he would compete against bochurim from mesivtas around the world for this highly esteemed prize.

Rabbi Mendel Pink, a member of the Moshiach Chidon Committee, stated, “We were greatly inspired to see Rabbi Shapiro among the Judges. Having someone of his stature dedicate his valuable time and play an active role in the Chidon truly highlights the importance the Rebbe placed on learning about Geulah and Moshiach to the bochurim.”

Set to take place in the Oholei Torah Ballroom on the night following Gimmel Tammuz, the Grand Moshiach Chidon is an exclusive event for bochurim who passed the final test, demonstrating fluent knowledge in the material they have studied over the previous few months.

The Chidon will also be live-streamed for families and friends on and at

“We hope and pray that through extensive learning on the topic of Geulah, we will merit the arrival of Moshiach long before Gimmel Tammuz, thereby accomplishing the Chidon’s goal and mission: Learn Moshiach, compete Moshiach, bring Moshiach,” the organizers said.

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