The Rebbe’s Advice for Inappropriate Scenes

As a bochur in Montreal during the summer, Reb Simcha Zirkind struggled with inappropriate scenes on the street. When he raised the issue in yechidus, the Rebbe had advice for him.

“I studied at the Montreal Lubavitch yeshiva for seven years,” related Reb Simcha Zirkind.

“During the summer months, we did not go to camp, and every day we would walk from the yeshiva building to the dormitory to eat. However, due to the lack of modesty on the streets, I did not feel comfortable walking outside during the summer months.

“In a yechidus in 5717 (1957), I asked the Rebbe for advice what to do about seeing inappropriate scenes.

“The Rebbe told me that I should keep a photo of the Frierdiker Rebbe in my pocket, and ‘before you go out onto the street you should take a look at the photo.’

“I put a picture of the Rebbe and the Rebbe Rayatz in my pocket and I would look at it before I left the building. It was good advice – it averted my attention. I would concentrate on their holy faces and not on what I saw in the streets.”

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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