‘The Rebbe Will Find a Way’ Arrives in New York

The new book by Derher ‘The Rebbe Will Find a Way’ arrived on Tuesday in New York and is available for order and in stores. Arrival discount available for a limited time.

On Tuesday, the new book The Rebbe Will Find a Way arrived in New York and is available for order and in stores.

The new book showcases stories of individuals who, in the years after Gimmel Tammuz, experienced the Rebbe’s brachos and guidance in their lives in a clear manner, after having written to the Rebbe at the Ohel.

All the stories are related first-hand, exactly how these individuals experienced them.


Why are these stories important, you may ask.

Here’s the thing.

Even through the darkness of the golus that we live in, where we can’t see the Rebbe in the physical sense, these stories serve as a reminder of the Rebbe’s ever-presence in our day-to-day lives.

The Rebbe is here.

The Rebbe hears us.

The Rebbe answers us.

We just need to, as the Rebbe instructs, strengthen our hiskashrus to the Rebbe and connect with the Rebbe at the Ohel, and the Rebbe finds his way to answer.

That’s exactly what The Rebbe Will Find a Way achieves.

Through modern-day stories of the Rebbe’s continued brachos and guidance, it reinstates the conviction that the Rebbe is truly with us, now more than ever.

No matter how dire the situation may be or how confused we may feel, the Rebbe will find a way to answer.

We just need to reach out.

Having this book in your home will inspire you and your family.

Plus, it’s a genuinely beautiful piece. Having it on your bookshelf or coffee table will bring aesthetic beauty to your home, coupled with inspiration at the fingertips of all who enter. 

Take a big step forward.

Get the book today!

This beautiful book was made possible by many sponsors, primarily; Yerachmeal Jacobson,  Dovid Junik and Eric and Shalom Laytin.

If you’re still unsure whether this book is right for you, you can get a taste of the book by signing up to receive one story each week for the next few weeks.

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