The Rebbe Pointed to Elokus in the Room

At a farbrengen, the Rebbe spoke about how everything is Elokus. Then suddenly the Rebbe began pointing to various items in the room.

One of the principal pillars of Chassidus is that the world is constantly being created by Hashem. This idea is a cornerstone of the Rebbe’s teachings.

“Every Yid can and must do everything within his control to understand and appreciate, at least intellectually, that Hashem creates the world every second,” said the Rebbe at the 24 Teves 5712 (1952) farbrengen.

“Therefore,” the Rebbe continued, “one must conclude that everything – whatever one touches, eats, or drinks – is truly G-dliness.

“This is not merely a topic discussed in seforim, or something that was relevant only in past generations, or a poetic sing-song…”

As the passion in the Rebbe’s voice grew, the Rebbe pointed to the table, and then pointed to a plate of cake on it, and exclaimed, “Here, everything in this room – whatever we see or touch – is truly the word of Hashem creating it!”

(For the full sicha, see Toras Menachem, Vol. 4, Page 258)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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