New Film Shares the Rebbe Like You’ve Never Heard Before

A new 40-minute film by JEM includes the Rebbe speaking about Eretz Yisroel’s security with force, acknowledging that it will affect funding for Chabad institutions. Undeterred, the Rebbe declares that he cannot remain silent in the face of Jewish blood being spilled.

A 40-minute video of the Rebbe passionately addressing a number of burning events in Israel has been newly subtitled and published by Jewish Educational Media. The address carries numerous uncanny comparisons to today’s most critical issues — including many matters of life and death for the Jews of Israel.

Airing his urgent attempt to put a stop to the multiple “long-term calamities” that Israel is inviting upon itself, the Rebbe declares that he knows he will pay a price for his words.

Fully aware that those in power in Israel may retaliate by withholding funding from Chabad institutions, the Rebbe acknowledges the potential consequences. However, undeterred, he passionately declares that he cannot remain silent in the face of Jewish blood being spilled. The Torah forbids one from standing idly by.

Against the backdrop of current events, the Rebbe’s words provide insights into the persistent “promises of peace” versus the ongoing threat of terrorism. Offering clear recommendations for how to navigate these pressing challenges, the Rebbe urges Israel’s leaders not to repeat mistakes of the past.

JEM’s decision to invest the time and effort to translate this address at this time is intentional. Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, JEM’s director, emphasizes the extraordinary relevance of the content, particularly in the wake of recent events. Shmotkin notes, “In the twenty-five years I’ve been studying the Rebbe’s opinion on Israel’s security, I don’t know whether I’ve heard a talk quite like this one, with the combination of timely topics and raw emotion on the Rebbe’s part.”

“That is saying a lot, considering how passionate the Rebbe always is about Israel’s security.”

After declaring his hopes that his warnings will finally make a difference, the Rebbe asks the obvious: “Why are others not speaking out?”

“I don’t know,” the Rebbe concludes, in a sorrowful tone. “That’s a question for them to answer.”

The Sicha covers various current issues, including:
– The scandalous prioritization of politics over security
– The not-so-peaceful origins of the Nobel Peace Prize
– Political self-censorship which leads to deadly results
– The disastrous outcomes of the Camp David Accords
– The fallacy of Israel’s 1985 attack on the PLO base in Tunisia
– Israel’s political parties coercion of its members beyond Soviet extremes

JEM invites those interested in the Rebbe’s approach to shleimus ha’aretz, to explore the complete 40-minute Sicha, gaining a deeper understanding of the Rebbe’s views on these urgent issues. In a world grappling with complex challenges, the Rebbe’s timeless wisdom continues to serve as a guiding light for those seeking clarity and understanding.


Also available with Hebrew subtitles

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