“The Rebbe Foresaw Everything”

As we prepare for the holy day of Gimmel Tammuz, the 30th Yom Hilulah of the Rebbe, we know as chassidim that “the Rebbe foresaw everything,” and we want to understand how the Rebbe prepared us for the 30th Yom Hilulah.

Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus

As we prepare for the holy day of Gimmel Tammuz, the 30th Yom Hilulah of the Rebbe, we know as chassidim that “the Rebbe foresaw everything,” and we want to understand how the Rebbe prepared us for the 30th Yom Hilulah.
Examining the sichos and letters of the Rebbe that were said and written in conjunction with the Frierdiker Rebbe’s thirtieth Yom Hilulah on Yud Shevat 5740, we can see the special shturem the Rebbe made in connection with this.

The Rebbe quoted Tanach (Yechezkel 1:1), where something wondrous and unprecedented took place after 30 years—“it came to pass in the thirtieth year … the heavens opened up, and I saw visions of G-d.” That was when Yechezkel saw the Divine Chariot, the Merkava. This was a clear vision of G-dliness—which is also what Chassidus is all about.
The Rebbe explained that in the same vein, at the 30th Yom Hilulah the world is experiencing a wondrous and unprecedented revelation, something incomparable to everything that had happened in previous years.

In addition to what it’s taking place every year at a Yom Hilulah, where all of the Rebbe’s work throughout the years of his nesius has a revealed effect on his yahrtzeit, and brings salvation, on the 30th yahrtzeit however, it is revealed in an especially wondrous and elevated way, incomparable to all previous years.
The Rebbe further explained the uniqueness of the number 30, as we know that when one reaches any milestone, such as 10 or 20 years, there are greater changes to greater effect, an effect that is incomparable to that of previous years. As discussed in the Mishna (Avot 5:22) when one reaches the age of 20, 30, 40, and so on, it is the beginning of a new era.
Kabbalah explains this is so since everything in the world and Seder Hishtalshelus is set up in sets of ten, such as the Ten Sefiros, and the same is true regarding years.
In addition to the above milestones, when it comes to the number 30, the Tzemach Tzedek explains that it corresponds to the ten keilim, ten inner oros, and ten outer oros—which together are the fundamental makeup of everything. Hence, at 30 years there is a revelation that is incomparably greater than anything that there has been until now.
This revelation needs to inspire in us an increased and enhanced involvement and enthusiasm for:
1) Strengthening the light and the warmth of our connection to the Rebbe, his Torah, and his directives—for we must know that we are as connected to the Rebbe now as we were at the moment of his histalkus—and therefore, we must hold onto “the doorknob” (our connection with the Rebbe). What’s more, we need to grasp the “open door” that is open for us and go to the Ohel with questions and requests, to write panim, and ask for mercy and for brachos.

2) “His children, who are alive,”—“zaro bachayim”—his flock—his talmidim and their talmidim, and all those who, in the future, will become their talmidim, should fortify the Rebbe’s takanos including learning Chitas, strengthening the mosdos established by the Rebbe and his chassidim, mosdos which are directed in his spirit, in accordance with his teachings and opinions. All this should be done with added vigor, as is befitting the thirtieth Yom HaHilulo”.
The Rebbe’s words make us confident that such a great and wondrous revelation as that of the thirtieth year—which is quickly approaching—will demonstrate that the Rebbe is “becoming more vibrant, stronger, and more active among us, towards us, and through us to the entire Jewish People and the entire world” in a wondrous way that did not exist before.
Let us strengthen our hiskashrus end dedication to our beloved Rebbe with renewed vigor, fulfilling his holy directives and continuing on the path he showed us.
Let us rededicate ourselves to the holy shlichus and unique task the Rebbe gave all of us in Dor Hashvii—to bring Moshiach, to bring the Shechina down to Earth, and to prepare the entire world for the coming of Moshiach. Through our holy work of shlichus, establishing Chabad houses in every corner of the world. By doing mivtzoim, and strengthening our own faith and the faith of those around us in the imminent arrival of Moshiach through learning Inyonei Geulah Umoshiach.
Of course, our preparations should be done with firm hope and absolute faith that in the merit of properly preparing for the great and holy day of Gimmel Tammuz, we will merit even before the thirtieth Yom Hilula to the greatest revelation, to behold the shining, sacred countenance of our Rebbe. In the Rebbe’s holy words in the maamar of Basi Legani, 5711, “May we merit to see the Rebbe down here [on this earth], and he will redeem us.” May it happen immediately.
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