The Rebbe Asked for Their Names

After the Six-Day-War, the Rebbe insisted that Mivtza Tefillin continue in full force, and he even asked for the names of all those who participated.

Mivtza Tefillin began just before the Six Day War, as a means to ensure safety and security in the Holy Land. However, following the miraculous victory, the Rebbe insisted that the activities continue with renewed strength, capitalizing on the wave of inspiration felt by all.

A few weeks after the war, an express telegram was delivered to Tzeirei Chabad of Yerushalayim from Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters in New York.

“Is anything happening with Anash of Yerushalayim regarding Mivtza Tefillin? How many are involved? How many hours collectively? Send the names of the participants in an express letter.”

The telegram made waves. Anash threw themselves into the mivtza with renewed vigor.

The next day, Reb Tuvya Bloi reported to the Rebbe, “We have arranged chain phone calls and house visits. We extended the shifts, from eight hours a day to fourteen hours. Please find enclosed a list of Anash who committed their time.”

(Hiskashrus issue 1059)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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