The Purim Magazine That’s Uniting Kids Everywhere

Chabad Houses around the world are excited to give out a Purim magazine that’s perfectly geared to Hebrew School kids. 

Purim is an exciting Yom Tov for all kids—full of costumes, graggers, hamentaschen, and treats. But a Hebrew School student living in a secular environment could leave Purim without ever realizing that he’s partaking in a global celebration with thousands of other Jewish kids worldwide.

“Participating in CKids has an incredible impact on a child,” says Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal, CKids director. “But connecting with thousands of other kids around the world who are also part of this bigger picture—takes that impact to a whole new level.”

Meet the CKids Tzivos Hashem Purim magazine

The monthly magazine, developed by Ms. Risa Mond, that includes a full review of the Purim story along with all the details of the four Purim mitzvos—in a fun-filled gamified version, of course. “Purim is such a fun Yom Tov,” Risa says, “It’s the perfect time to engage kids with a unique hamantaschen recipe or a fun list of costume ideas.”

But the core feature of the Magazine is the updates from other kids at Hebrew Schools around the world. “The magazine reflects the global community of our Chabad Hebrew School kids,” says Chaya Neparstek, shlucha in Cote St. Luc, Montreal, who has started personalizing the magazine and giving it out since it launched in Cheshvan.

The personalization aspect means that shluchim can use this magazine as an important vehicle to reach kids—advertising upcoming events and calling attention to local updates from around the town.

“The value of a child seeing himself and his friends in a Jewish publication is immeasurable,” explains Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302, “It raises his identification with Yiddishkeit to whole new level” 

For an even easier experience, the 20-page, customizable Purim magazine can also be customized and printed professionally through CKids, visit to find out more.

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