The Power of Tefillin and a Call to the Ohel

When Rabbi Yirmi Cohen arrived at LaGuardia Airport for his flight to Toronto last week, he saw that all flights were being canceled due to the upcoming storm. But instead of giving up, he put tefillin on Jewish passengers and placed a call to the Rebbe’s Ohel.

By Rabbi Yirmi Cohen – Toronto, Canada

Last week, on July 8th, I had a flight from Laguardia Airport in N.Y. to Toronto.

The only challenge was that there was a severe storm weather and all flights were cancelled. As I entered the airport I kept hearing announcements like “all passengers to Cleveland, please return home,” over and over.

Most passengers started returning back home because planes were simply not flying. But instead of giving up, I decided to pass the time with mivtoim, and found a fellow Jew who agreed to put on tefillin.

Afterwards, I began said Tehilim and called Rabbi Abba Refson, director of Ohel Chabad Lubavitch at the Rebbe’s Ohel, and asked him to write in to the Rebbe for a bracha that the rain be pushed off.

Soon after Rabbi Refson confirmed that he had brought my request to the Ohel, the storm stopped and my flight was cleared to go.

After we got on the plane ready to fly, the pilot announced “sorry, but we’ll have to return back to the gate, because of the storm.”

Again, I started to say more Tehilim.  And then again, in a unexplained way, the storm stopped and we were on our way. Soon after we arrived in Toronto, the storm resumed.

Lesson: Don’t underestimate the Power of a mitzva, reciting Tehillim and the power of the Ohel of the Rebbe.

May all our requests be fulfilled for the good & in a revealed way!

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