The Power of a Rov

Although the Rebbe could pasken himself, he would refer halachic shailos to rabbonim. In a yechidus with R. Nachman Sudak, the Rebbe attributed it to the special siya’ata dishmaya given to a practicing rov.

Reb Nachman Sudak, the Rebbe’s shliach to London, UK, was approached by various yungeleit regarding a specific family halacha question. In a quandary how to rule he brought the question before the Rebbe in a yechidus.

The Rebbe instructed him not to pasken, but to bring the question to the local rov, Dayan Padwa, who should be asked to try and find a permissible solution.

The Rebbe then explained the logic of approaching a rov despite already knowing the outcome:

“Hashem delivers a livelihood to every Yid with unique siya’ata dishmaya. Now, since Hashem has decreed that the parnassa of this Yid is from his rabbonus, he is therefore assisted from above to pasken shailos (halachic rulings) accurately.

“This particular shaila,” continued the Rebbe, “is a very complicated one, involving many opinions and Talmudic discussions, like a structure in which every detail is dependent on another. Hence, to rule here one would need unique siya’ata dishmaya, which is granted only to a practicing rov.”

(Hiskashrus Issue 1196)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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