He Gave Shiurim From His Hospital Bed Until the Very End

The passing of young Rabbi Mendel Landa left us all devastated. He was truly a chassidishe powerhouse until his very last moments. Now, his family needs our support.

We are devastated to share news of the passing of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Landa this morning, 16 Adar II. 

An active shliach, beloved Maggid Shiur, and dedicated husband and father to 4 young children, Rabbi Landa was a chassidishe yid above all else. He was deeply mekabel from his Zeide, Rabbi Pinye Korf, and he aspired to learn from the Mashpia’s ways. 

Anyone who knew Rabbi Landa was profoundly influenced by his honesty, dedication, and eidelkeit. In addition to being a melamed for shiur gimmel mesivta bochurim, Rabbi Landa made it his shlichus to open and establish a preschool, and he spent much of his time actively encouraging parents to enroll their children. Rabbi Landa spent his summers at the Tzeirei Hatmimim Summer Program in Crown Heights, where he was completely devoted to his students and imparted Torah with the unique love and warmth that only he could radiate. 

Rabbi Mendel Landa was nothing short of a powerhouse. His personable character brought his shiurim to life, and he formed warm connections with students from many different walks of life. Upon learning of his terrible illness, Rabbi Landa relocated his family to Pomona, where he could be closer to the proper treatments. Instead of taking the time to focus solely on himself, Rabbi Landa immediately became involved with the community and began offering weekly shiurim amidst his difficult treatments. 

Rabbi Landa didn’t rely on others for help. He took his matzav into his own hands and dealt with his illness bravely and independently until the very last moments. He used every free moment in the hospital for a new initiative in his own learning, and he spent hours encouraging others to advance in their Yiddishkeit through virtual mivtzoyim initiatives and Zoom shiurim. 

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Landa was a chassidishe yid through and through. He is survived by his wife and 4 young children, to whom he dedicated his life above all else. 

Please contribute to the powerful influence of a true shliach and chossid. Rabbi Landa can no longer give the care and warmth of Torah that he so devotedly imparted for his short 32 years. Become Rabbi Landa’s voice by donating to his continued impact and legacy

This campaign is overseen by ​​Rabbi Yossi Klyne (Nyack NY), Rabbi Laibel Korf, and Rabbi Yisroel Landa.

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