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The Aliya Girls & Girls Loft NYC  are the only organization of its kind; servicing and supporting the female youth & young professionals of Crown Heights. They are holding a campaign to help them reach, connect and give.

The Aliya Girls & Girls Loft NYC are the only organization of its kind; servicing and supporting the female youth & Young Professionals of Crown Heights. Our mission is a mission of love and care to inspire and enable the female youth of Crown Heights, especially those who need us most, to lead meaningful and successful lives. 

Aliya Girls drop-in center is a warm and welcoming locale for the girls in our community. Through our daily programs, and Shabbos and Yom Tov events, the girls are provided with the opportunity to be themselves and find themselves. Thus, relationships are created and guidance can be provided as needed.

Girls Loft NYC has been creating a  community for the young ladies living in Crown Heights since 2018. Weekly dinners and learning, yom tov programming, and Shabbos meals are organized for ladies ages 20’s & 30’s. The  weekly spiritual lift, inspiration, and connection!


Aliya Girls Loft needs your help starting Dec. 5th Motzei Shabbos, Chof Kislev & Sunday.  We ask YOU to partner with US to ensure that we can reach, connect and give to the teenage girls & Young Ladies in our community. 

This is OUR moment. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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The proceeds from this Campaign will help fund our daily activities in our drop-in center & our 20’s and 30’s programming. It’s time to give to OUR OWN. Our girls are the foundation of our community and it’s FUTURE. Invest where it counts and give today!

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