The Only Thing to Worry About

After the Rebbe wished a chossid that his daughter would recover, the concerned chossid asked if there was no need to worry. The Rebbe reassured him and then told him one thing he should be worried about.

As the Rebbe stood at the door to his room, turning the key in the lock, a distraught chossid approached the Rebbe.

He explained that his daughter was very sick, and he wished to mention her name to the Rebbe. He added that the doctors were not giving her any chance to recover.

The Rebbe turned around to look at him and raised both hands in the air, “Since when are they balebatim (authorities) in this regard?”

“So will the Rebbe give his bracha?”

“If it is dependent on me, I grant all the brachos,” the Rebbe responded.

“So, there is no need to worry?” asked the father anxiously.

“Worry?” said the Rebbe. “One needs to worry about one thing only – why Moshiach has not arrived yet.”

(Hiskashrus 1235)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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