The Neilah of Anshei Moshe Building Campaign

The Anshei Moshe building campaign is at its final stretch. Now is the time for you to “purchase” a part of this “lighthouse” in Crown Heights.

Dear Friends,

The time has come. We are at the ‘Neilah’ (תפילת נעילה) of the ‘Anshei Moshe Building Campaign’. We have so many Thank Yous still to make! The Hakoras Hatov that all of us at Anshei Moshe feel to all of you – the Crown Heights community and Lubavitch worldwide – is boundless!

Now is the final stretch! Chassidim! All the Brochos are at the bottom of the cup! Please buy a slice in this unbelievable factory of Chassidim, a literal Light-house!

Help us cross the finish line. Enter Yom HaDin as a partner in something HUGE!

The place to go to take part is:

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