The Naysayers Laughed, We Persevered

From the Inbox: “When we told people we were thinking of moving on Shlichus to Tracy, they laughed at us. Now, less than a year later, we are buying our first property.”

By Rabbi Levi Meijers – Shliach to Tracy, California

When we told people we were thinking of moving on Shlichus to Tracy, they laughed at us.

We played with statistics a bit, figured out how many Jews are in California, and tried to work out how many Jews must be in the city based on the demographics. On more research, we made the decision to make Tracy our mokom hashlichus and build a home for the Jews scattered throughout its borders.

Last Chanukah, my wife and I visited Tracy to start meeting the Yidden there and teach them about Chanukah. With the help of other Shlichim, Facebook, and a lot of hard work, we had the addresses of about 20 Jewish families, each of who told us that they were “the only Jews in the whole city”.

Forward on one year later to this past Chanukah, where as a community, we proudly stood and lit a 12 foot Menorah in front of Tracy City Hall with the Mayor, the state representative, the county representative, and 200 others!

Today, we are in the midst of buying a property to expand our efforts and continue reaching out to every last Yid. As we are, Baruch Hashem, busting out of our small rented house, we are buying something double the size to accommodate more Yidden and enable us to reach more neshamos.

As the Rebbe said on Shabbos Parshas Lech Lecha, Tof Shin Me Tes, when a Shliach buys a property, he is cementing himself into the city. He is showing that he is there to stay!

As we conclude our campaign today to raise funds for our new property, we are making a statement. We are showing that yes, there are Yidden here, there is Shlichus today.

Be a part of our shlichus. Help us spread the light.

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