The Mission to Russia to Rescue the Hostage Seforim

Special Episode: Rabbi Berel Levine retells the entire sequence of events of the Chabad battle with Russia for the seforim of our Rebbeim, beginning with the secretive mission to the USSR in the 1980s.

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Thousands of priceless treasures lie on the shelves and safes of the Central Chabad Library, right next door to 770. The average chossid, however, won’t have the chance to see the most precious of them. Until now, that is.

A new series, launched by in partnership with the Rebbe’s library, will showcase some of the most unique and historic books and items in the Rebbe’s library.


In this special episode, Rabbi Berel Levine gives an overview of a crucial part of the library’s history: The battle with Russia over the seforim of the Rebbeim.

Rabbi Levine retells the full history of the library held hostage, starting with the Rebbe Rashab collecting the seforim and the efforts of the Frierdiker Rebbe to have them returned.

He continues with the story of the secretive mission to Russia in the 1980s to identify and rescue the seforim, the outcome, and how the battle continues until today.

Listen to the lecture in podcast format by clicking here.

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