The “Mega Zoom” Is Over, Now What?

Over 28 Nissan, tens of thousands of chassidim joined a mega 24-hour Zoom farbrengen, focusing on the Rebbe’s call to bring Moshaich. Now, Merkos 302 is launching a project to translate that inspiration into action!

For twenty-six consecutive hours, fifty six speakers inspired the close to 60,000 individuals who joined the global 28 Nissan Farbrengen with words from the heart, personal reflections, and powerful messages. 

Underlying it all was the urgency with which we all need to respond to the call of “Tut Altz” and hasten the arrival of Moshiach.

As one Shlucha commented, “I logged on with the intention of listening to one, maybe two of the speakers. In the end I was glued to the Farbrengen for over nine hours. Each one came from an entirely different angle making the message of 28 Nissan relevant in many different ways.”

The Moshiach Office and staff of Merkos 302 spent weeks putting this program together. There was great emphasis on the smaller details in addition to the ‘global’ and publicity elements of the event. A program for women, a children’s rally, multiple languages are just some of the evidence of this detailed approach.

Seeing how it had all come together, one of the organizers, late on Sunday night exclaimed, “The response was exactly what we had dreamed of. A palpable feeling of Achdus, as one family of Chassidim following the Rebbe’s instructions to each of us.”

Indeed the boundaries of time and space were shattered with this unifying message but this was only the beginning. The energy and inspiration need to turn into action. The focus of many of the speakers was how to make the message relevant in our personal lives, homes and communities.

The continuation is in the form of a project called “It’s Time To Know!”

It is a six week initiative to learn key concepts about Moshiach as seen through the Rebbe’s sichos in the booklet “D’var Malchus”.

There are moments in time that form an intersection of multiple events coming together as one. One such a moment is soon upon us.

Thirty years ago, on 15 Iyar, the Rebbe distributed this Koivetz. In it are four fundamental Sichos on the topic of Moshiach as seen through the last Perek of the entire Rambam. This came on the heels of the Rebbe’s passionate call and charge to every Chossid, “Tut Altz”!

This year the Siyum Harambam, and therefore the learning of Hilchos Moshiach will be on Gimmel Tammuz.

This is not merely coincidence. 

The program is designed to embrace this unique moment in a way that every Chossid can be involved.

Beginning on 15 Iyar (April 27) and concluding on Gimmel Tammuz (June 13), every person has the opportunity to take upon themselves to learn these four Sichos in a way that resonates with them. There will be six different tracks of learning; from in-depth to kid-friendly. Resources from JLI, Sichos In English and countless other classes and essays are being prepared exclusively for this project.

It’s a unique moment… Will you seize it?  

Learn them on your own, with a Chavrusa, in a group or arrange a shiur on it for your community as so many Shuls are already arranging.

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