The Lucky Winners of the Seforim Auction Have Been Announced

The Seforim Auction has come to a close and the winners have been drawn and announced!

Hundreds of people took part in The Seforim Auction that concluded last Thursday.

The exciting prizes included Oitzar HaChochma, 25 Kosher Cookbook, an iPad and a $2,500 gift card to Wayfair, amongst others.

The lucky winners have been drawn.

Congratulations to:

Levi Weisz Daily Learning Package

Jacob Beda iPad Pro

Schneur Schapiro The Leather Collection

Yossi Hoichberg The Complete Culinary Package

Yitzchock Tenenbaum The Shas Package

Mendel Krinsky Peek-A-Book!

Yaakob Aghai Wayfair

Avrohom Herzog Otzar HaHochma

Daniel Perez Igros Kodesh Collection

Dvora S The Kehos Collection

Edward Goykhman Or Hachasidus Seforim

The proceeds of the Seforim Auction have been directed towards BaDerech, Machon Or HaChasidus’s revolutionary Chasidus Mobile that has brought the light and the teachings of Chassidus to hundreds of locations and tens of thousands of individuals, in the past 5 months alone!

To learn more about Machon Or HaChasidus and the Chasidus Mobile, click here.

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