The Little Things That Make or Break a Child’s Yom Tov

As the Crown Heights community gets busy preparing for Kabalas Hatorah, some families are finding it difficult to do so b’simcha. 

“קבלת התורה בשמחה ובפנימיות” 

As Shavuos approaches, this greeting is heard everywhere – in shul, over the phone, on the street. Matan Torah is upon us, and all are preparing to receive this precious gift with joy. All over Crown Heights, people are busy planning elaborate menus, ordering beautiful paper goods, and buying the perfect yom tov shoes. 

For some families, however, these are unaffordable luxuries, and even putting together a simple meal can feel like a stretch. This year, Keren Anash is stepping in to provide them with the little things that make a Yom Tov extraordinary – a special dish, a guest at the table, a new shirt that fits just right. 

There is no better way to prepare for Kabalas Hatorah than to see to another Yid’s needs. Take a break from your flower arranging and cheesecake making; donate now and transform your neighbor’s Yom Tov:

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