The Light of Tanya Fills Boro Park

Irgun Limud HaTanya is an organization dedicated to spreading the teachings of the Tanya throughout Boro Park and Staten Island. Prepare for Yud Tes Kislev by partnering with them in the Tanya Project and you can win a priceless reward!

After a full day at work and an evening spent with the kids, a tired father walks over to his bookshelf, pulls out a Tanya and begins to learn diligently. 

No, this scene is not taking place in Crown Heights or Kfar Chabad, it is taking place in Boro Park and Staten Island every single evening.

Irgun Limud HaTanya is an organization that is directed by Rabbi Yoel Naparstek and under the auspices of Heichel Menachem. Their goal is to make the learning of Tanya accessible to all who wish to learn from its profound wisdom.

Every week, hundreds of Bochurim and Yungerlite join together in the pursuit of the depth and light of the Tanya.

Irgun Limud HaTanya provides the learning materials, commentary and support throughout their journey through the Tanya, but all of the learning is done on their own and in their spare time.

The program participants are tested once a month on the material that they have learned and , as an added incentive to learn the material well, a monetary prize is awarded to whoever achieves a score of over 80%.

Interested parties can sign up via the hotline, 845-582-1705, where they can also ask questions about the topics discussed in Tanya, learn general information about the Tanya, and hear shiurim (based on the Chassidus Mevueres commentary). 

The program has been truly transformative in the lives of the bochurim and yungerlite who have participated throughout the years.

One such participant related, “On behalf of a number of my friends, I would like to express our feelings of gratitude for the whole new life which we have discovered. It is impossible to even express with words our new view on life.

And so, I would like to thank you from the depths of my heart, for all of your tremendous work; in preparing the tests, composing the review questions, and for running the Hotline, where I can turn my questions to “Hamevinim Shebi’Iro.” 

The expenses associated with the organization of such a project amount to a couple hundred thousand dollars.

Irgun Limud HaTanya invites you to take part in this important effort of Hafatzos HaMaayanos by participating in The Tanya Project.

This Yud Tes Kislev, you can win a Tanya from the Rebbe!

To learn more about The Tanya Project and to take part visit

For more information and to bring Irgun Limud HaTanya to your city, feel free to contact Rabbi Yoel Naparstek at [email protected]

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