The Letter Arrived Exactly On Time

In summer 5758, Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon was experiencing significant financial problems. During his next visit to the Ohel, he poured out his heart to the Rebbe and asked for a sign that the Rebbe is with him. Barely an hour later, the Rebbe answered his request.

by Rabbi Yossi Gordon (Woodland Hills, CA) as told to A Chassidisher Derher,

My father, Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon, served as the Rebbe’s shliach in Encino, California, for over 40 years. He merited to build an empire of Batei Chabad in the area known as “The Valley” where today there are more than 30 Chabad Houses, staffed by over 80 shluchim serving the tens of thousands of Yidden living here.

In the month of Elul 5758, my father was experiencing some very serious financial problems. When he traveled to the east coast to visit my grandfather, Rabbi Sholom Ber Gordon, whose health had started deteriorating, his first stop was at the Ohel where he asked the Rebbe for a bracha for success. After spending a few days with his father in Maplewood, New Jersey, he decided to go to the Ohel once again before flying back to Los Angeles.

This time at the Ohel he poured out his heart to the Rebbe, expressing the urgency of his situation.

While standing at the Ohel he said: “Rebbe, I know you are with me all the time. But I need you to show me that you are truly with me. Please give me a sign that you are with me.”

Before heading to the airport he went to 770 to daven Mincha and as he stood there, Rabbi Leibel Groner tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Yehoshua, when you finish davening please come to my office for a few minutes.”

My father was confused as to what this could be about and as he walked over to Rabbi Groner’s office he felt like an elementary school kid that had been called to the principal’s office.

As he entered the office, Rabbi Groner opened his desk drawer and pulled out an envelope. “Yehoshua, this letter is for you.”

Bewildered, my father opened the envelope and was shocked to find a letter from the Rebbe dated Elul 5748, exactly ten years earlier.

Every year, my father would host an annual fundraising dinner for Chabad of the Valley. He would always notify the Rebbe about the dinner and ask for a bracha for success, and each year he merited to receive a letter of bracha and encouragement from the Rebbe.

During the month of Adar 5748, right after the Rebbetzin’s histalkus, the Rebbe was at his home throughout the week. My father did not merit to receive a letter from the Rebbe in connection with the dinner as he usually did, but he figured that it was due to the unusual circumstances and did not feel it was appropriate to ask about it.

Now, exactly ten years later, the Rebbe’s letter in connection with the dinner of 5748 was finally delivered to him, barely an hour after standing at the Ohel and begging the Rebbe for a clear sign.

With a rush of emotion, he opened the letter and was overwhelmed with what he read. In the letter, the Rebbe wishes him much success with the upcoming dinner and that although he is going through difficult times, he should know that things will work out. The letter reached him exactly on time…

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