“The Largest Chabad Property in Pacific Northwest”

A 10,000 sq ft. building sitting on 3.79 acres of land in the heart of Olympia, Washington, is being purchased by shluchim Rabbi Yosef and Rivky Schtroks, and will be the largest Chabad property in the region.

The Jewish Community in Olympia, WA, and its surrounding neighborhoods have a rich history dating back to the mid 1800s.

Olympia, is well known for being the Capital of Washington State.

What is less known about Olympia, is that although the city was only officially incorporated in 1882, 26 years prior in 1856 the first and largest Jewish Cemetery in the state was already built.

As the years went on, the Jewish community in Olympia continued to grow both in size and in spirit. Many young families were attracted to make Olympia their home. There they enjoyed the peaceful suburban atmosphere and lifestyle, surrounded by an abundance of pacific northwestern nature, combined with the convenience of robust commercial infrastructure.

In 2016, Rabbi Yosef and Rivky Schtroks moved on shlichus to Olympia, with the mission to reach every single Jew with love, and build a vibrant community where people can experience authentic Yiddishkeit.

Since then, they were blessed to welcome hundreds of guests through their doors for Shabbos Meals, Holiday Celebrations, Hebrew School, Prayer Services, Torah Classes, and have built a tremendous warm community.

In December of 2021, a unique opportunity arose to acquire a 10,000 sq ft. building sitting on 3.79 acres of land in the heart of Olympia, and transform what was once a church to a magnificent Campus of Jewish Life. 

The building was in great condition, perfect size and layout, located in an excellent location, and all for a terrific price! 

Although the idea of acquiring Chabad’s largest property in the entire Pacific Northwest seemed novel and far-flung at first, but with the help of some generous donors, it has become an exciting ongoing project which is nearing its completion.

In the final days left till closing, we need your help to make history, to make a beautiful Jewish miracle a reality in Olympia!

Can you join us on our live campaign page at JewishOlympia.com/building with a gift of a brick or any amount towards the building?

We are deeply grateful to all those who have already donated on the campaign page, and those who donated before the campaign went live:

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  1. Congratulations on your purchase and project.
    While not Jewish (I am Catholic), I cherish our Jewish roots and have great respect for the Jewish people and Judaism.
    I would like to make a small monetary donation to your efforts…how can I do that?

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