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Purim with the Rebbe could be described as an other-worldly experience. Read the incredible story of Purim 5713, and other Purim articles by A Chassidisher Derher.

Derher Presents Purim with the Rebbe and much more!

Purim with the Rebbe is an other-worldly experience. The Rebbe’s Purim farbrengens are special and uplifting in a way almost unparalleled throughout the rest of the year.

A Chassidisher Derher is proud to present you with a collection of Purim features from previous issues.

In the King’s Court. Purim With the Rebbe:

Mivtza Purim

Also available in audio form:

Heavenly Affairs. The Story of Purim 5713:

The Legendary Purim. Purim 5718:

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