The Hey Teves Sale for You

Sichos in English seforim sale! Celebrate Hey Teves by purchasing a Sefer that you are guaranteed to study from.

As the monumental day of Hey Teves approaches, the seforim sales encourage the purchase of Seforim. With the rows upon rows of seforim gracing bookshelves in stores, it can feel nearly impossible to navigate each sefer. 

Sichos in English has got the perfect solution. The SIE Hey Teves sale enables chassidim to celebrate Hey Teves accordingly through purchasing seforim that are guaranteed to be learned from.

The uniqueness of the Sichos in English collection is the reader friendly and explicit format of each sefer. Both practical Halacha and ethereal Chassidic discourses are presented clearly tempting the novice and expert to study further.

This Hey Teves, SIE is running a grand Hey Teves sale, including highly acclaimed and coveted seforim series. The sale is live through Tuesday, Zayin Teves leaving ample time to capitalize on the discounts. 

“The goal of the sale is to increase the dissemination of the Rebbe’s seforim and Torah in general,” shares Sichos in English Director, Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon. “After all, we are celebrating the victory of the seforim, so making them more accessible will definitely increase the studying.”

This limited time offer will be available for ALL Sichos in English seforim including foundational sets such as the two Selections from Likkutei Sichos volumes, the 10 volumes of the Weiss Edition Shulchan Aruch, a fundamental set of clearly outlined Halacha, and the six volumes of the highly acclaimed Lessons series. The newest addition to the Sefer Hasichos series5704! – will also be discounted. Discounts will start at 40% off with sales reaching up to 60% off.

Looking for the perfect sefer for yourself or a family member? How about a special Chassan-Kallah package? With fresh aesthetics and study friendly content, the Sichos in English Hey Teves Sale is guaranteed to have a sefer for everyone.
With just one click you can purchase a Sefer in honor of Hey Teves from the comfort of your home!

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