The Great Parade is Coming Back After Six Years

It’s been 6 years since the last parade, but in honor of the year of Hakhel, The Great Lag B’Omer Parade is back this year, with plans to be bigger and better than before.

After a long 6 year hiatus, The Great Lag B’Omer Parade is coming back this year.

Taking a cue from the year of Hakhel in 5748-1988 when the Rebbe strongly encouraged making a parade, the NCFJE is prepping a Lag B’Omer parade like the legendary Sunday parades of the past. Although traditionally the parades only occurred when Lag B’Omer was on Sunday, there were exceptions made to feature special years, such as the year of Hakhel in 1988.

Following a meeting with leaders from the local schools a couple of months ago, the NCFJE is completing arrangements for Eastern Parkway to be closed for the Tuesday parade and is working in tandem with the schools to make sure all the children will be able to participate and march proudly.

Emphasis is being made to have schools outside Crown Heights join as well. “Having the parade in middle of the week gives an opportunity to schools who are normally closed on Sundays, and therefore have difficulty to join the parades with all their students, to bring their entire school as a field trip and join in the spirit of Hakhel” said Rabbi Shimon Hecht, director of the parades.

As always, it will be a full day of fun for the community with a street fair and carnival following the parade, with special thanks to partners MASK and Interborough Developmental and Consultation Center.

There will be many exciting updates in the coming weeks, stay tuned and visit to reserve your seat and see all the updates.

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