The Gemara Academy Opens New Mishnayos Branch

Fueled by the incredible success of the past 10 years of Gemara Academy,  Mishnayos Academy has just launched to enable every single child to experience success in his Mishnayos learning. Special sign-up discount enclosed.

For the past 9 years, Gemara Academy, under the direction of Chananya Hoffinger, has enabled over 5,000 children to learn Gemara in an interactive and supporting environment, giving over the geshmak that can be experienced when learning Gemara with a chayus. 

Our mission is very simple. 

To give every child the confidence and the tools that they need to succeed in learning Gemara. 

Gemara Academy’s curriculum was recently translated into Portuguese to serve students living in Brazil and Portugal. Baruch Hashem, the program is being used by over 25 Portuguese speaking children to date. 

When Gemara Academy’s project manager, Zalman Tsfasman, was asked why he would take on such a big project for so few students he responded “If we are able to help even one child achieve success in his learning, all the effort that was put into this curriculum was worth it.” 

Gemara Academy recognizes that given the fast paced nature of our lives, it is important that gemara be displayed in a manner which is inviting, captivating, and exciting enough to hook the talmid’s attention and draw him into the experience. 

Gemara Academy’s newest branch, Mishna Academy, was created with the goal to translate the success of the educational methods employed in Gemara learning towards learning Mishnayos as well, and has already been implemented, successfully, in several schools. 

Gemara Academy would like to extend a special thanks to some of our gracious donors: The Nash Charity Foundation, Mr. George Rohr, the Schwartz Family Charitable Foundation, and Dovid & Malkie Smetana.

In celebration of its launch, and thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, Mishna Academy is offering an exclusive significant discount to those who register within the next two weeks!

To learn more about Gemara/Mishna Academy and to see how you can qualify for the discount, visit:

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