The Doughs and Don’ts of Challah Baking

With the Yomim Tovim fast approaching, Rabbi Nissan Zibell of Kashrus: Be in the Know, brings clarity on the halachos of Hafrashas Challah with a New Part 3 to the series “The Doughs and Don’ts of Challah”.

With the Yomim Tovim fast approaching, Rabbi Nissan Zibell of Kashrus: Be in the know brings clarity on the halachos of Hafrashas Challah with a New Part 3 to the series “The Doughs and Don’ts of Challah”. Learn about questions that come up, along with practical solutions to keep things simple.

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Important to note: Part 3 is a follow-up class from Parts 1 & 2. It would be good to listen to the previous classes to have a well-rounded knowledge on the subject.

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1) Does one have to include in the challah measurement additional flour that will be added due to the dough being too sticky, or to prevent it from sticking to counter?


2) When does one have to say the bracha of Hafrashas Challah? Is it recited before or after the piece of dough is detached from the batch?


3) It was mentioned in the previous class that challah dough that is separated is considered treif/ non-kosher, and forbidden to eat. Based on this, when separating challah and some of that dough sticks to my fingers, is that residue of dough considered treif too? Can I continue working with the rest of my dough with the residue still there, or do I need to wash my hands first? Is there any practical advice to go about this?


4) What do I do if the piece of dough that I separated got remixed into the main batch of dough, or if it was made into a small roll that got mixed up among other rolls of dough to be baked in the oven?


5) What if someone forgot to separate challah from their dough, and already baked it all in the oven? Is there anything that could be done?


6) If someone baked their challahs in an oven and forgot to separate challah beforehand, or if by accident the piece that was separated got mixed in with the other challahs, and was baked in the oven, does that make the status of their oven problematic and in need of kashering?


7) To what extent does the piece of challah dough that is separated need to be burnt?


8) If I attend a challah bake, can I separate a piece of challah, make the bracha there, and then freeze my dough to bake at another time?

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