The Derher Auction Announces its Winners

The Derher Auction has reached its conclusion and the lucky winners have been announced! Congratulations to…

Thousands of individuals from around the globe took part in the Derher Auction, a moving testimony to the value of the important work that we do, every single day.

The Chassidishe Derher is a movement on a mission to make the idea of living with the Rebbe something that feels tangible and realistic to Chassidim of all ages, no matter where they may be found. 

Through our monthly magazines, weekly podcasts and daily whatsapp messages our reach extends to thousands of individuals and is growing every single day! 

The lucky winners of The Derher Auction have been drawn and announced.

Congratulations to:

Lace Top Yaffie Begun Sheitel
D Marinovsky

$3,000 Cash prize 
Mendy Gopin

Fly wherever, whenever
Moishe Zirkind

Oh this? It’s from Tzfasmans
Chaya Groner

$1,000 to Amazon
Boruch Meyer Greenbaum

Iphone 13 Pro 
Yoseph Vigler

Mark Merlis

Ben Barber Linen
Shloime Nelken

Bayis Malei Seforim
Dovid Kohn

$800 Costco Gift Card
Yedida Flint

A framed picture of the Rebbe
Asher Schochet

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