The Crying Camper That Inspired a Bridal Boutique

The response of Rabbi JJ Hecht when he saw a Camp Emunah camper crying continues to cause waves today, and even inspired the creation of an organization to help kallahs.

An innovative campaign to help Kallahs in need launched over one year ago, with Rebbetzin Laya Klein, Mrs. Raizel Wolvovsky and other prominent Crown Heights women at the helm. Since then, the Bridal Giving Boutique at NCFJE has served over one-hundred kallahs in need, with new beautiful sheva brachos outfits, shoes & accessories which they shop out of their Crown Heights showroom at no-cost.

The boutique’s director, Dassie Hecht, shares this remarkable story about Rabbi JJ Hecht which inspired the launch of the Bridal Giving Boutique.

Rabbi Hecht found one of the Emunah campers crying all by herself. She told him how the other girls made fun of her, she owned just three dresses, they were all dirty and laundry wouldn’t be done for another week!

Rabbi Hecht went to her bunk, brought her things to the laundry room and did her laundry on the spot. A few days later there was a special delivery to her bunk, new clothes for Shabbos!

The heartbroken little girl was now glowing with happiness, not only because of the gifts but because somebody cared for her and wanted her to feel happy.

“This story moves me every time I remember it and it’s exactly the kind of love and attention that every kallah deserves,” she said.

Let’s keep this story alive! Join the Bridal Giving Boutique $54,000 raffle campaign to help every kallah feel beautiful and cared for.

The drawing for the Diamond Rebbe Coin Raffle will be this Monday, Yud Daled Kislev.

Click here to enter the raffle & help a kallah in need receive a beautiful sheva brachos outfit!

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