The Chanukah Magazine That’s Uniting Kids Everywhere

Chabad Houses worldwide are excited to give out a Chanukah magazine perfectly geared to Hebrew School kids.

Chanukah is an exciting time for all Jewish kids— filled with donuts, latkes, menorah lighting, and gelt. At Hebrew School, they even have the opportunity to learn about the customs and history of Chanukah. But what when those children come home? And what about Jewish kids who are not in a Hebrew School?

Meet the CKids Tzivos Hashem Chanukah magazine.

‘“A child’s identity is heavily influenced by the media they consume,” says Rabbi Zalmy Lowenthal, CKids director. “Instead of superhero moves or worshiping athletes, we wanted to create a magazine where every kid saw the superpower of their own neshama.”

The 24-page magazine, developed by Mrs. Risa Bursk, includes its fair share of fun with features such as a “Mitzvah Mystery” page, I Spy, and crazy menorahs from around the world. Special for this year— the “CKids Unite” page lets readers meet fellow Jewish kids from around the world in honor of Hakhel.

Last year was the first-ever launch of the CKids magazine, which has been well-received by shluchim worldwide. “I obviously don’t have the time to create something with this level of design, writing, and quality,” says Rochel Flikshtein, shlucha to Wilmington, DE, “so we jumped at the opportunity to order the magazine and personalize it with pictures and updates from our Chabad house.”

The personalization element is an integral feature of the magazine, one that gives the magazine “almost the feeling of a local newspaper,” says Flikshtein. The kids see their own friends featured in the magazine, allowing them to feel part of a personal and vibrant local Chabad community.

Besides the local news, there are also updates from bases worldwide. “The magazine reflects a global community of Chabad Hebrew School kids,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302, “Allowing the children to feel part of something larger, empowers them to be proud Jews wherever they may be” 

With Kislev just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for shluchim everywhere to bring a healthy dose of Jewish identity to kids a part of their Chabad house, or a family attending a public menorah lighting for the first time.

Visit the CKids Marketplace to find out how you can get access.

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