The Bracha of the Arak

Merkaz Sefarad Chabad invites you to join an evening of inspiration, Divrei Chizuk, and miracle stories commemorating the annual Hiloula of Rabbi Yitzchak Abuhatzeira, this Tuesday night.

Most people associate Moroccans drinking Arak based on the famous stories of the Baba Sali pouring Arak from a single bottle nonstop without the bottle emptying and on all the miracles the Baba Sali performed with the Arak as a “keili” for the Berachot he gave.

While these amazing miracles of Emuna are factual and were witnessed by numerous people, the origin of the special Bracha associated with Arak actually already started by his holy uncle, Rabbi Yitzchak Abuhatzeira זצוק”ל זי”ע הי”ד.

Rabbi Yitzchak Abuhatzeira is especially known for the songs he composed, most notably אעופה אשכונה, and many Seforim on Kaballah.

Merkaz Sefarad Chabad in partnership with the Lipsker and Zaets families, (decendants of the Abir Yaacov and the Baba Sali), invite you to join in the annual Hiloula of Rabbi Yitzchak Abuhatzeira this coming Tuesday night, January 23rd.

At the age of 58, his father, Rabbi Yaacov Abuhatzeira had a dream in which Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, otherwise known as the Arizal Hakadosh, appeared to him and revealed that he will be blessed with another child who will bring tremendous light into this world, and asked that the baby carry his name Yitzchak, as he will be a Nitzutz (emanation) of his own Neshama!!.

Interestingly, the Arizal’s top Talmid was Rabbi Chaim Vitaal, who in turn became the teacher of Rabbi Shmuel Elbaz, the grandfather of Rabbi Yaacov Abuhatzeira himself.

Rabbi Yitzchak would later learn with his father Rabbi Yaacov and with his much younger nephew the Baba Sali.

For an evening of inspiration, with Divrei Chizuk, miracle stories and to learn how to pray using the special and unique Segula in the merit of the Tzadik, Rabbi Yitzhak Abuhatzeira, join us in person at Ulam Chana, 556 Crown St, on Tuesday January 23rd, 7:00pm or watch it live YouTube.

We will also continue to write letters in the Unity Sefer Torah being written in the Zechut of Baba Sali to greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

You can already purchase your very own letter, and/or on behalf of loved ones at this link.

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