The Book of Chitas Grows Up

After many requests, Kehot Publication Society has published a full-size, 6×9 edition, of Sefer Chitas. 

Kehot Publication Society is pleased to announce the publishing of a full-size edition of Sefer Chitas. 

For decades, the Chitas format was designed to be the perfect companion for travel and and portable use. But Kehot consumers have consistently asked for a full-size Chitas, one that would be easier on the eyes, and Kehot has responded to the requests.

Having just arrived to the Kehot showroom, the buzz is already out on the “block off the ole chip,” said director Rabbi Yosef B. Friedman. 

The new edition is a replica of the iconic Chitas, and contains all the same sections. Beautifully printed on select bible paper and bound on the same flexi style cover as its predecessor.

“Just seeing the 6×9 edition of the familiar Sefer Chitas, brings a warm smile to the beholder,” said Rabbi Friedman. “We hope that it will become a permanent fixture in every home.”

“The convenient, larger Chitas is sure to become a Jewish home favorite, and will hopefully bring this important minhag Chabad to an even greater audience.“

The Rebbe continually encouraged everyone to take upon themselves to keep the schedule of Chitas, often responding to questions on health, children or business by emphasizing the great value in Chitas to evoke blessings from Above.

“I would like to use this opportunity to encourage you to observe the three well-known study schedules of Chumash, Tehillim, and Tanya…. These schedules apply equally to all, and they are a segula [spiritual remedy] for a great many matters,” (Igros Kodesh).

The new edition is available at the Kehot Showroom, at, and at your favorite Judaica store.

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