‘The Book of Chassidim’: What It Is, and How You Can See It

Perfect Tisha B’av reading material: The Rebbe’s library contains hundreds of cards filled out by chassidim with their personal details, a treasure trove of Chabad history.

By Anash.org reporter

Thousands of priceless treasures lie on the shelves and safes of the Central Chabad Library, right next door to 770. The average chossid, however, won’t have the chance to see the most precious of them. Until now, that is.

A new series, launched by Anash.org in partnership with the Rebbe’s library, will showcase some of the most unique and historic books and items in the Rebbe’s library.


In 5690, the Frierdiker Rebbe asked chassidim to fill out cards with their details, and the details of their family members. In 5723, the Rebbe renewed that call. 

Those cards, which were referred to as ‘Sefer Hachassidim’, were later sent by the Rebbe to the library.

Today, they can be viewed online, a treasure trove of Chabad history with details about hundreds of chassidim and their families, their youth, where they learned in yeshiva, and more.

The cards of ‘Sefer Hachassidim’ can be viewed on the website of the Rebbe’s library.

Listen to the lecture in podcast format by clicking here.

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  1. Thank you Rabbi Levin for making this available. Seeing my fathers writing, Reb Chaim Meir Minkowitz, my Zaide Reb Shlomo Shimanovitz, made me feel that they were here with me.

    What a treasure

    Yosef Minkowitz Toronto

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