The Book Avraham Fried Opens In His Spare Time

Life can get so busy and overwhelming. It is important to use the precious moments in time that we can find to tune into something a little bit deeper. Machon Or HaChassidus and Kehos are proud to present: Lightpoints. 

It’s hard to find a few minutes in the hustle and bustle of the busy work day to tap into our neshama and infuse our day with its endless energy and light. 

Chassidic Superstar Avraham Fried knows this feeling all too well. 

That is why, in the spare moments that he has, he turns to ‘The Weiss Edition Lightpoints’ for a burst of connection, inspiration and motivation. 

In The Weiss Edition Lightpoints, the most profound of the teachings of Chassidus are broken down into powerful, easy to digest nuggets of wisdom that offer practical guidance and real life application. 

Try it for yourself – it might be just the spark you need. 

Visit for more information and to purchase your own copy.

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