The Battle for Crown Heights Has Just Begun


With the results of the democratic primaries still undecided, Crown Heights activists have sent out an message to the community thanking them for their turnout and updated them where things stand. “This election was just the beginning,” they say.

Dear Fellow Member of Anash,

We want to begin by thanking the community for doing its part and coming out to vote. We had a turnout that was 7 times higher than usual in past local elections. The turnout in the Crown Heights Jewish community surprised the left and sent a message to local elected officials that the Jewish community of Crown Heights stands united and we will fight to protect our community and interests. We will know the exact numbers of votes our community turned out in this election within the month, once the election results are certified.

Thank you to all the volunteers and to each and every voter who took the time to go out and vote to save our shchuna.

At this stage, it appears that Eric Adams will be the next Mayor of New York. Crown Heights was the first Jewish community to endorse him, and he has expressed his appreciation publicly.

Here is an update as to the status of the race for the 35th Council District. As of this today, Crystal Hudson has 38.49% of the votes, and Michael Hollingsworth has 34.45% of votes. Crystal is currently in the lead by 1291 votes. These results consist of voters’ first-choice votes, and only those that were cast in-person. Absentee ballots and the process of counting 2nd and third choices has not yet begun. We are still optimistic that the election results will be positive.  

Members of the DSA (Democratic Socialist of America) are already posting threatening tweets about the election. They are attacking our community for voting and accusing us of being enemies masquerading as democrats. 

The battle to protect Crown Heights has just begun. We need to continue to mobilize and expand our numbers. The first step would be to have every single resident who is eligible to register to vote.

Our strength is in numbers and achdus. Only together can we accomplish and protect the shchuna and our families. 
The first step would be to have every single resident who is eligible to register to vote. For those who are registered, you need to make sure that you are registered as a democrat. 

Check voter status-

Change party affiliation-
We will keep you updated as the results are tallied.

United Crown Heights

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