‘The Basics of Chassidus’ Is Now Available As an Audiobook

In perfect time for summer listening, Sichos in English is thrilled to announce the release of the audiobook version of The Basics of Chassidus, Vol. 1.

In perfect time for summer listening, Sichos in English is thrilled to announce the release of the audiobook version of The Basics of Chassidus, Vol. 1.

Since its publication in the spring of last year, thousands of readers have enjoyed its accessible and comprehensive presentation of Chabad: Its Origins, Principles, and Purpose. The groundbreaking book has received praise from diverse corners of the Jewish world, captivating the hearts and minds of an extremely wide readership. With the introduction of the audiobook format, the timeless wisdom of Chassidus can now be easily accessed and enjoyed by an even broader audience, catering to various preferences and busy schedules.

The Basics of Chassidus audiobook is conveniently divided into twelve-minute segments – the perfect length for listeners to absorb and reflect on the content while walking, driving, commuting, or simply relaxing. The entire audiobook is available free of charge at sie.org/basicsaudio and is also podcasted on all hosting platforms including Google PodcastsApple Podcasts, and Spotify, ensuring that this treasure trove of Chassidic wisdom is accessible to an even wider audience.

In this first volume of a larger series, listeners will find a comprehensive presentation of Chassidic wisdom, focusing on its origins, explaining its primary principles, and elucidating its mission. The ideas are presented with extensive detail and lucid explanation which provide a rich understanding and informed appreciation of the topics.

Of particular importance is the book’s focus on our generation and the role we can play in preparing ourselves and the world for the arrival of Moshiach. The Basics of Chassidus not only provides a comprehensive understanding of Chassidic thought but also serves as an inspiring call to action and practical application.

As the name The Basics of Chassidus implies, the goal of this project is to present a cohesive and accessible body of the wisdom of Chassidus. Just as any library might be equipped with comprehensive works covering “the basics” of various fields, the mission of this series is to provide English readers with an equivalent collection of Chassidus.

Baruch Hashem, this collaboration of co-authors Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov of Wimbledon, England, and Rabbi Naftoli Hertz Pewzner of Morristown, NJ, has resulted in a down-to-earth style of writing and cohesive flow that is sure to make for a truly revolutionary resource. In an organized manner, the series seeks to offer the reader a complete picture of Chassidus.

Already in this first volume of 470 pages, fresh insight and illuminating understanding is provided into many of Chassidus’s most relevant topics. Ideas such as Achdus Hashem, avodas Hashem, Dirah BeTachtonim, hafatzas hamaayanos, and the Rebbe and chassid relationship are just some of the concepts systematically explored and clarified. Throughout, even the more nuanced ideas are delivered with vivid clarity and inviting approachability.

So, if you haven’t had the time to read The Basics of Chassidus, now is your chance to listen! Embark on a journey of study and connection with this captivating and enlightening audiobook.

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    1. Indeed, the audiobook is without the footnotes that provide extensive sources and so much additional information.
      Do yourself the favor and buy the hard copy too. It’s well worth it.

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