The Aftermath of Purim: When the Numbers Don’t Add Up 

Shushan Purim is a day to pack away graggers and costumes while cheerfully reflecting on our most joyous Purim moments. For those with a pile of unpaid Purim bills, however, this day may be full of anxiety and pain. 

Purim is over, and it’s been another one for the books. As you begin the work of sorting Shalach Manos treats, washing costumes and putting away Purim paraphernalia, you find yourself humming happily. The children’s faces throughout the day, the warmth and appreciation with which your special Shalach Manos gifts were received, the lively farbrengen that ended in the wee hours of the morning – it was truly a memorable day! 

For your neighbor, however, this yom tov isn’t quite done and dusted. His head is swirling and his stomach hurts – not because he had a little too much L’chaim.

No, it’s the mound of bills piled high on the table, receipts that he doesn’t know how he’ll pay. 

It’s not too late to extend the true simcha of this Yom Tov for another day! 

Your donation to Keren Anash will allow us to put the minds of those still struggling at ease. 

Help us cover their Purim expenses so they can look back at their own Yom Tov highlights with joy. 

May the joy of Purim carry us through the coming weeks and months, and may the generous spirit of this cherished community continue to be felt long after our megillos and graggers are packed away.

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