Thank You for Bringing Them to the Kinus

The Shluchos around the world who now have where to stay when they come for the kinus thank the families of Crown Heights for their unmatched hospitality.

Dear families of Crown Heights,

On behalf of many Shluchos around the world who now have where to stay when they come for the kinus, we want to say thank you!

You will be giving them an incredible gift. The gift of rejuvenation, gaining Chayus and inspiration, friendship and networking, strengthening their hiskashrus, all to recharge them to be able to continue their Shlichus full of energy. This is the yearly gift of the Kinus that the Rebbe had in mind for the Shluchos.

You might never know how powerful this is for them, and we want to let you know that your Hachnasas Orchim is literally going to be impacting thousands of yidden around the world.

The relief on Rochie’s face when she meets a shlucha who is going through the same chinuch challenge as she is and the helpful discussion she is taking notes on.

The tears of joy Shterna will have when she can finally spend time with her sisters who she hasn’t seen in two years. The feeling of loneliness that just disappeared and the renewed hope and positive attitude.

The inspiration Miriam has from hearing the talks that she feels are speaking directly to her, guiding her for those steps in her Shlichus that she was hesitant to take.

The precious time elderly Jenny will appreciate when her Shlucha suddenly is more available to listen and talk to her on the phone.

All that and more will be thanks to you.

With much appreciation,

Friends of grateful Shluchos!

P. S.

There are still 22 Shluchos looking for a place to stay, hoping to join the Kinus in this Hakhel year.

If you have not had a chance to fill out the form and you would love to host a Shlucha, please use the form at this link:

Likewise, if you have a friend who might want to host but hasn’t seen the form, please share the link.

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