Texas Senate, House, and Governor Pay Beautiful Tribute to the Rebbe

Photos: Liz Moskowitz, Chabad of Texas

The Texas House of Representatives, Texas Senate, and the Texas Governor each recognized the Rebbe’s birthday with beautiful tributes, and were gifted ‘ARK’ charity boxes and urged to increase in acts of kindness.

Jewish Herald Voice

On Tuesday, March 28, a delegation of shluchim representing the 122 Chabad Lubavitch shluchim serving the Texas Jewish community throughout the state, visited the Texas Capitol as a bi-partisan group of state leaders recognized Education and Sharing Day to be observed this year on April 2, 2023.

Gov. Greg Abbott greeted the delegation, signed a proclamation and was delighted to learn of Chabad’s work throughout Texas to promote acts of charity. The Governor voiced his support of the school choice initiatives making its way through the Texas legislature. He gave charity into a “giving box” known as ARK (an abbreviation for Acts of Random Kindness) and invited everyone in the room to participate as well.

Rep. Joe Moody introduced a resolution in the Texas House of Representatives (HR623) recognizing Education and Sharing Day. In observance of the ideals represented in the resolution, an ARK Giving Box was placed on each Representative’s desk in the chamber and Rep. Moody encouraged them to fill them with small amounts of money each day to be given to the charity of their choice.

Click here to watch the resolution in the Texas House of Representatives.

“We talk a lot about education and giving in this body, and we do our best to walk the walk in those areas as we consider legislation.” Rep. Moody opened his remarks on the House floor. “We have no better example to follow than the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

“He emphasized the importance of charity as a habitual practice. As has been put to me, turning random acts of kindness into routine acts of kindness. By giving, we not only provide assistance to others, we also turn our minds and spirits towards service and build a practice of compassion and duty to our community.”

Placing a dollar in the ARK giving box to rousing applause he concluded, “I encourage you not just to give, but to reflect on what giving means. We have a long way to go this session and I can’t think of a better way of turning our hearts and our minds to the service we have been called to here.”

On the Senate side, Senator Cesar Blanco introduced the Education and Sharing Day resolution (SR348) and spoke about the rich history of Education and Sharing Day.

“This presents an important opportunity for Texans to reflect not just on how to foster academic achievement, but also to ensure young people live rich and purposeful lives and fulfillment through service and good work,” Blanco said.

Click here to watch the resolution in the Texas Senate.

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