Texas Campus Getting First-of-its-Kind Mikvah Educational Center

A new ‘Jewish Family Life Center’ in College Station, Texas, will be more than just a mikvah. It will be a Mikvah Education Center with a mikvah tahara, men’s mikvah, kelim mikvah, and a classroom to learn.

The Rohr Chabad Student and Community Center was established in 2007 by Rabbi Yossi and Manya Lazaroff. A Chabad House catering to Texas A&M University where the locals and alumni refer to it lovingly as Aggieland. Thousands of Jewish students have been impacted by their warmth and educational activities. From weekly Torah classes, Shabbat & Holiday meals, and Sinai Scholars.

As an educational oasis, students at the University are introduced to this mitzvah with field trips to a Mikvah 100 miles away. Spending a day visiting a mikvah on a Sunday limits the impact of this fundamental Mitzvah. 

“As a sophomore in college, I had taken Sinai Scholars and learned about Mikvah for the first time. I remember thinking that it was beautiful for “them” but certainly not realistic for me,” Chloe explained.

“Two years later, I attended a Mikvah class and tour with Manya Lazaroff. The way she explained the powerfully divine concept of Mikvah, along with the moving tour, truly transformed my outlook on marriage. Right there at the Mikvah tour, though not observant and unsure of how I would make this my future, I promised myself that I would only date a man who would be willing to make our marriage holy through taharas mishpacha.”

Eight years later, my husband and I have ka”h three children who were born in purity for the first time in over one hundred years on both sides of our family. The Rebbe’s vision to teach taharas mishpacha, along with the inspiration of the Lazaroffs, changed our lives, three whole worlds, and the world at large”. 

Talia relates about her Jewish journey, “In my five years of learning and growing from Chabad and the Lazaroffs at Texas A&M, I was able to visibly see the impact that mikvah has on my life. After learning taharas mishpacha with Manya, I developed my own special connection with the mitzvah, which now tangibly brings blessings to myself and my marriage”.

Over 72 couples have been impacted by the Lazaroffs and married Jewish in College Station since 2007 and many keep this Mitzvah today.

College Station is centrally isolated between 5 of the largest cities in the United States. Currently, the closest Mikvah is a four-hour drive from College Station. Jewish women living in the region have difficulty adopting the mitzvah in their marriage.

“The travel distance creates obstacles that make me feel like I should give up,” mentioned Yaelle, a PhD student at Texas A&M who moved to College Station with her family from Israel. The Aggieland Jewish Family Life Center will house a beautiful women’s Mikvah, a men’s Mikvah, and dishes Mikvah, and a classroom to learn.

“Building a Mikvah in our city will enable us to educate thousands of young Jews about Mikvah”, exclaimed Manya Lazazaroff.

Keren Hachomesh, a fund that was established by the Rebbe in memory of the Rebbetzin has provided a significant grant to help with the soon-to-be-completed Mikvah center.

The Mikvah in College Station, Texas is currently having a matching campaign to help finish the mikvah with a completion date of October of 2023.


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