Tenathon To Celebrate Hakhel with Larger-than-Ever Event in New Venue 

The third annual Tenathon will be held on Sunday, November 6 in a new grand Boro Park venue. Seize the opportunity for this exclusive VIP package before it sells out to enjoy this star-studded evening live! 

On Sunday, November 6, thousands of viewers will be tuning in to watch the TENATHON online for the third year in a row. This year, in the spirit of Hakhel, the top-rated mega event will take place in a large Boro Park venue, and will be grander than ever before! 

Gift yourself the opportunity of a lifetime! Reserve your RINGside seats at the incredible live show and catch all the star-studded action with the VIP in-person access pass, now available at TENYAD.ORG/VIP. Buy a $1,000 prize package and get up to $2,000 in tickets PLUS entry to the event of the year, or score admission for two with any prize package of $1,800 or above. Act fast – passes are limited, and it’s the only way to get in!

The 5 hour show offers the chance to watch world-class performers up close and to experience the best in Jewish music. Prepare to be dazzled and uplifted like never before.

While you delight in the evening’s entertainment, enjoy a lavish banquet catered by Table One and take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your VIP social network! Receive tickets galore for your favorite auction prizes and an exclusive gift bag and swag, all while basking in the joy of the mitzvah of Hachnasas Kallah. 

Don’t miss the chance to double your luck! From now through November 2nd, purchase a VIP package and receive up to $3,600 in auction tickets! Get the biggest bang for your buck in Chinese auction history with the greatest entertainment ensemble and prize selection ever featured. 

Space is limited, so visit TENYAD.ORG/VIP right now to reserve your seats, and prepare for an evening that will RING clear in your memory for years to come! 

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