Tenathon Releases Incredible “Eishes Chayil” Medley

A musical tribute to all the Ten Yad Kallahs – by Jewish music superstars showcasing  a medley of the most beautiful Eishel Chayil tunes for the third annual Tenathon. 

Click Here to Watch.

In the spirit of Zman Simchaseinu, Ten Yad takes great pleasure in sharing this beautiful Eishes Chayil medley, a lyrical praise to the “Women of Valor,” our beautiful Kallahs, who rely on the generosity of each of us to help jumpstart their marriage. 

This rendition, performed exclusively for the Tenathon, our mega-fundraising event of the year, captures the soul of this exquisite poem from Mishlei, chanted every Friday night during Kiddush. The endearing musical montage was performed live at the third annual Tenathon by Jewish music superstars, including Avraham Fried, Benny Friedman, Ohad Moskowitz, Yanky Lemmer, and Shulem Lemmer

Allegorically, the Eishes Chayil refers to the Shabbos Queen, but at Ten Yad, every Kallah is a queen in her own right. When a Kallah enters our elegant and chic showroom, royalty embraces her as she is transported to a sanctuary only conceived of in her dreams. From beautiful wedding gown displays and plush fitting centers to stunning merchandising areas where Kallahs select their Ten Yad merchandise package, glamour and all living essentials are just a handbreadth away.

If you enjoy this Eishes Chayil Medley and want to hear more creative musical sensations, don’t miss the upcoming Tenathon, power-packed with many great SUR-PRIZES. 

So save the date, Sunday, 14 Heshvan-October 29, featuring Avraham Fried, Mordechai Ben David, Yaakov Shwekey, and other great SUR-PRIZE performers. 

Act now and get your auction tickets at www.TenYad.org.

 All ticket packages are doubled for a limited time, so take advantage of the big savings. With last year’s Grand Split reaching $769,710, you will want a chance to win the biggest cash prize in Jewish auction history.

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