Tenathon 2023: A Night of Unforgettable Marvels

Photos: Naftali Marasow

From curtains up, Tenathon 2023 was an evening of pure energy and music, a true testament to the unity and love within our community, and a night of pure magic.

From curtains up, the Tenathon 2023 has left us utterly spellbound and awestruck. Words cannot capture the sheer brilliance of the event, a true testament to the unity and love within our community. The energy, the music, the SURPRIZES –a night of pure magic!

The night was not just a celebration but a symphony of unity and euphoria echoing in every corner of the globe. The evening began with a Tefilllah for the captives and our soldiers, along with an emotionally charged musical tribute. Visually moved, Yaakov Shwekey reinforced the message that we are Am Yisroel, and we are CHAI! 

Shortly after, our host, Mr. Nachum Segal revealed the grand SUR-PRIZE. It was a moment etched in history as we unveiled a Sefer Torah, a sacred masterpiece. The gasps of awe filled the air, making this moment truly divine.

The SURPRIZES didn’t stop there. Our raffles were a whirlwind of excitement, with SURPRIZE gifts being raffled every few minutes. Benny Friedman and Shloime Daskal, our SURPRIZE singers, joined Avraham Fried and Yaakov Shwekey, weaving melodies that touched our souls. Their unity medley for Eretz Yisroel, the enchanting chuppah medley, and the soul-stirring Yossi Green medley were nothing short of breathtaking.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Avraham Fried took us by SURPRIZE with his performance of a brand new song called “Kan Kan,” filling the room with a fresh wave of excitement.

As the night came to a climax, the fathers and Zaidy of several brave Chayolim fighting on the front lines took to the stage to complete the Sefer Torah – the grand mystery SURPRIZE. Following Hagbah, Shloime Daskal and Benny Friedman sang a beautiful rendition of Sisu Visimchu Bisimchas Torah, invigorating us with true Simcha and the feeling that Am Yisroel will prevail!

That feeling continued to resonate beyond, as the winner of the Sefer Torah, Mr. Moshe Rosenberg shared a spectacular SURPRIZE of his own. Moshe announced that he was gifting the Torah to his father, a holocaust survivor, who always wanted a Torah. Mi Kiamcha Yisroel!!

We couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible support from our global community and friends. Your presence, your energy, and your generosity have made this night legendary. To everyone who contributed, attended, and supported Tenathon 2023 through sponsorships and ticket sales, thank you from the depths of our hearts. You have made this event a success and a triumph of unity and spirit. It was an experience that will be etched in our hearts forever.

Once again, thank you for making Tenathon 2023 an evening of unparalleled wonder. We look forward to creating more magical moments together in the future!

With boundless gratitude, Ten Yad wants to extend a deep and heartfelt that you to the producers who made the Tenathon 2023 possible:

Executive Producers:
Schneur Nejar and Shimon Sabol

Program & Creative Director:
Dovid Weinbaum of DW Productions

Musical Director:
Mendy Hershkowitz 

Mendy Hershkowitz Band

Zemiros Choir

Marketing, Creative Direction and Design:
Moishe Muchnik, Zalman Friedman, Zalman Stock, Mendel Nemanov, Shua Wolff and the entire team at Spotlight Design

Filming, Live Mixing and Broadcasting:
Yankee Teitelbaum, Flowmotion

Stage and Lighting:
Yan Vanibalt and Jimmy Yeret, Dynamic Vision

Decor and Flowers:
Chani Greenbaum

Multimedia Graphics:
Shmulik Benharush and Chaim Vaknin, VisuaLive

Sound Engineer:
Eli Lishinsky

Levi Feigenson, Table One

Event Marketing:
Rochie Lifshitz
Malkie Pinson
Esty Donin
Rivky Schmukler 
Mushky Naparstek
Mussie Dubov
Chaya Zirkind

Special thanks to:

The Board of Ten Yad:
Mrs. Gitty Borenstein
Mrs. Esther Caplan
Mrs. Sara Donin
Mrs. Hinda Friedman
Mrs. Leah Gurary
Mrs. Chanie Karp
Mrs. Sima Karp A”H
Mrs. Sara Leba Levin
Mrs. Dvora Leah Minkowitz
Mrs. Tamar Pevzner
Mrs. Rochie Shemtov
Mrs. Leah Schmukler
Mrs. Mina Sputz
Mrs. Aidel Sputz

The Principals, Teachers, Staff and Students of Bais Rivkah
Benny Wolf
Mendy Kulski
Levi Lubecki
Mendel Rosen
Dovi Rodal
Gadi Hershkop and Shomrim of Crown Heights
Yochai Carmi
Itzik Roytman

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