Ten Yad’s Mega Hakhel Event Leaves Women Inspired and Connected

Women of All Ages Joined Together for Ten Yad’s Mega Hakhel Event, Happynest. The evening was hosted in honor of Mrs. Sima Karp, a dedicated member of the Ten Yad committee.

Last Monday, women of all ages joined together for Ten Yad’s Mega Hakhel Event, Happynest. The room was packed to the brim with the crowd overflowing into the hallway. The decor was impeccable and the energy was electric.

A moving tribute was paid to Mrs. Sima Karp OBM, in whose memory the evening was dedicated. Mrs. Karp served as a dedicated member of the Ten Yad committee – illuminating the lives and homes of thousands of young couples.

The common thread that wove the evening together was the celebration of the three mitzvos that were designated for the Jewish woman – Challah, Mikvah, and Hadlakos Neiros.

Each segment of the program highlighted a different one of the special mitzvos and presented them to the audience in a creative, elaborate, and sensitive manner.

Each performer who took the stage gave it her all creating a truly memorable experience for all those present.

The actresses who took to the stage to hilariously portray the everyday experiences of the Jewish women were incredibly talented and had the women laughing until tears filled their eyes.

Caroline Cohen‘s soulful melodies stirred the souls of all of those present and Meleha got the crowd out of their seats and joyfully dancing.

One woman who attended the evening later shared. “On the way out, everyone talked about how nourishing it was for their mind, body, and soul…wow!

Another participant added “Tonight’s event was INCREDIBLE!!!! It was so so inspiring, the whole theme and the way the mitzvos of the women were presented, each one in such a unique and magnificent way, my sister and I were in awe!!! The play was amazing and so cute!!! The singing tonight was beautiful! The speakers were all beyond!!! It was all super well done!! What a special hakhel event, thank you!!!”

The evening finished on a high note and left the participants looking forward to the next

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