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During yechidus, the Rebbe asked classroom teacher R’ Shmuel Kaufman of Detroit whether he told his class stories. With the Rebbe’s encouragement, he went on to become a master storyteller.

The renowned teacher at Beis Yaakov Yehudah of Detroit, R’ Shmuel Kaufman, had come to the Rebbe concerning a personal matter. However, after addressing his issue, the Rebbe suddenly shifted the conversation to his classroom.

“Do you tell your students stories of tzadikim?” the Rebbe asked.

Reb Shmuel replied that he did not, because he considered it a waste of precious time that could be utilized with learning Torah.

The Rebbe answered, “Telling stories of tzadikim is in itself Torah. Tell stories!”

“Indeed,” says his former student Reb Leizer Avtzon, “Reb Shmuel became known as a master storyteller, impressing yiras Shamayim, Torah values, and good midos upon thousands of students.”

(As heard from Reb Leizer Avtzon)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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  1. Bs”d. Would it be shayich to put out a list of different books of stories of tzadikim and chassidim (sai in english and sai in laha”k), that i can buy in stores nowadays, it would be very appreciated.

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