Teenagers Unite at Shabbaton and Skiing Camp Reunion

The campers from Lman Achai had a winter Shabbaton camp reunion filed with nostalgic singing, Torah and tefilla, and a thrilling ski trip.

The Camp Lman Achai Teens Skiing Shabbaton was an unforgettable experience that brought together boys from as far as Panama and Colombia. The event kicked off with a Shabbos retreat in upstate Tannersville, New York, where the boys reconnected with their Jewish roots in a meaningful and enjoyable way. They spent their time playing games, sharing laughter, and engaging in inspiring discussions.

As Shabbos came to a close, a Motzei Shabbos barbecue brought everyone together, providing an opportunity for the boys to bond over good food and company. On Sunday, they headed to Belleayre Ski Mountain Resort for an epic day of skiing, relishing the thrill of speed and the crisp mountain air.

David, a participant from Colombia, captured the essence of the Shabbaton, expressing how it made Judaism feel fun and relevant. The event provided a unique opportunity for reconnection and rejuvenation, leaving a lasting impact on both staff and campers.

As the Shabbaton came to a close, the energy and enthusiasm were palpable, with everyone already looking forward to the next installment. The memories and friendships forged will be cherished until the group reunites again this coming summer at Camp Lman Achai.

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