Teen Meets Family of Fallen Soldier He Wraps Tefillin For

When young Corey Silberglied from Wilmington, Delaware, took on the mitzvah of tefillin in honor of Yair Nafusi who fell on Simchas Torah, he didn’t dream of the ripple effect and what it would mean to the soldier’s family.

As the tragic events of Simchas Torah unfolded, Corey Silberglied from Wilmington, Delaware felt a profound sense of helplessness. Determined to contribute in some way, he dedicated himself to the daily mitzvah of wrapping Tefillin.

Corey’s inspiration stemmed from his high school years as a leader in CTeen. Guided by Rabbi Motti Flikshtein @rapping_rabbi of CTeen Delaware, Corey decided to channel his grief into a meaningful act. He committed to wrapping Tefillin every day, a mitzvah he had cherished during his CTeen years.

“I was absolutely shocked. I simply couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This is all so horrible and scary. I want to be able to do something, but what can I do from here in Delaware?” Corey expressed. Determined to make a difference, he reached out to Rabbi Flikshtein to obtain his own pair of Tefillin.

Unbeknownst to Corey, a new initiative had been launched by DansDeals.com to donate Tefillin in honor of each victim to anyone willing to commit to daily use. When Rabbi Flikshtein informed Corey, he was moved by his unwavering dedication. “Without hesitation, he said that he was in,” Rabbi Flikshtein recounted.

When the Tefillin arrived, Corey took an extraordinary step. He chose to honor Yair Nafusi, a young IDF soldier his age who tragically lost his life in battle, by carrying Yair’s photo in his Tefillin bag, ensuring that Yair’s memory would live on through his daily prayers. The gesture resonated deeply on social media, where Corey’s story touched many.

One comment stood out: “Oh wow, this is amazing. I’m Yair’s cousin. I want you to know that his family saw this post and was so moved by the gesture.” The message from Sharan Goresh Dahan, Yair’s cousin, brought immense comfort to Corey and further solidified the emotional bond between the two families.

Corey’s response was heartfelt: “Thank you so much for reaching out. This comment just made my day, week, month, and year. I hope that it brings your family some sense of comfort to know that my Tefillin, which I will wrap every day for the rest of my life, is in honor and memory of Yair.”

The connection between Corey and Yair’s family has grown stronger, culminating in a powerful meeting. Yair’s family expressed their deep appreciation for Corey’s commitment, acknowledging the profound significance of his daily practice. “It’s amazing how we can connect even if it’s between countries,” Yair’s mother remarked.

“CTeen’s mission is to empower Jewish teens to take pride in their heritage and make a positive impact in the world, “said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky of CTeen International, “Corey’s dedication to honoring Yair through the act of a Mitzvah exemplifies the strength of the youth and the profound impact that can be made through even just one good deed.”

Click here to see the video of Corey’s incredible journey.

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