Teach Your Students What Not to Ask

A Moment with the Rebbe: When students badgered him with questions, Reb Boruch Pariz would dismiss them. But the Rebbe guided him on how to make that an educational lesson.

Reb Boruch Pariz served as a mashgiach at a Chabad yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel. He once penned a letter to the Rebbe, expressing his frustration as to the vast number of questions in learning with which he was bombarded by the students.

After encouraging him to be more involved in the sugya that the bochurim were studying, the Rebbe expressed surprise that he didn’t have the patience for their questions:

Mema nafashach! If the questions are appropriate, then they should certainly be addressed.

“However, even if the questions are the kind that shouldn’t be asked, that itself should also be explained to them. Indeed, the work of the educator is to direct the students how and what to ask, and what not to ask. This is a fundamental part of the education process.”

(Letter 13 Sivan 5716; Teshurah Levanoni, Adar 5766)

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