Taser-Toting Perp Arrested on Kingston Avenue

A man who brandished a taser at 2 Crown Heights teens was arrested Tuesday night thanks to the vigilance of local residents and quick response by Shomrim volunteers.

Shortly after 9:00 PM, Crown Heights Shomrim received an urgent call reporting that a teenage girl was nearly tased on Empire Blvd. Volunteers arrived quickly and discovered that the perpetrators attempted another tasing on a bochur. Armed with a description of the perpetrator canvassed the streets but to no avail.

At approximately 11:15 p.m., Shomrim received another call for two subjects walking up Kingston Avenue with a taser in hand. Shomrim responded with alacrity and quickly caught up to the pair.

The information was shared with the police and all the victims and witnesses were brought to the scene and later to the precinct and were able to make a positive identification of the perpetrator. Shomrim did a great job facilitating the arrest in a safe and efficient manner.

A Shomrim volunteer applauded the awareness of the would-be victims, stating, “their awareness is what saved them and propelled them out of danger.”

Shomrim would like to applaud the witnesses who called right away in real-time. This is what led to the quick apprehension. If you see something, say something, and today, the witnesses did just that.

“Thank you to the police officers for responding quickly and for the collaboration on this call regarding multiple attempts at tasing people. The perpetrator was arrested for criminal possession of a weapon and assault in the second degree,” they said.

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